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Haley Lu Richardson

Name: Haley Lu Richardson
Birthday: March 7, 1995
Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Haley Lu Richardson was born on March 7, 1995, in Phoenix, Arizona, the daughter of Valerie Valiquette, a graphic designer, and Forrest L. Richardson, a golf course architect. Haley Lu attended Villa Montessori through Middle School, where kids are encouraged to think outside the box and value self-motivation, and later attended Arcadia High School. She was a regular in theatrical productions and regional dance competitions throughout the Southwest. From 2001 through 2011, she was a leading dancer in the Cannedy Dance Company based in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2011, she relocated to Hollywood, California to pursue an acting career.

Her first couple years in Los Angeles consisted of primarily dance opportunities, as she had very little formal acting training. As she gained more confidence and experience she was able to land her first lead acting roles in ABC’s Ravenswood (2013), The Last Survivors (2014) and The Young Kieslowski (2014).

In 2016, she played Krista in the coming-of-age film The Edge of Seventeen, and in 2017, she appeared as Claire Benoit in Split. She starred as Casey in Columbus, which earned her a nomination for the Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Actress in 2017. Reviewing Columbus in The New Yorker, Richard Brody wrote of her performance, “Richardson in particular vaults to the forefront of her generation’s actors with this performance, which virtually sings with emotional and intellectual acuity.

Haley Lu founded Hooked by Haley Lu in 2009, a line of crocheted clothing and accessories that she designs and creates. Clothes are available for purchase on Etsy.

“I moved when I was 16. I had no clue what to expect in moving to L.A. I had no clue, really, about what acting was. I just knew that I wanted to do it.”
“I was always the smallest role in community theater and school plays. I always had two lines – I was the kid that came on stage and said one thing and then left, and that was my part for the play.”
“I had a stunt double for ‘The Bronze.’ She’s literally the most amazing human being I’ve ever seen. She’s NCAA women’s gymnastics champion. She was incredible. I would poke her thighs, and my nail would break because it was like poking a rock.”
“My head is in the game! Like ‘High School Musical’ taught me. I know what I want, and I know, too, now that you take your craft seriously, but you don’t have to take yourself seriously.”