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NY Post: Haley Lu Richardson takes down Nazis in ‘Operation Finale’

NY Post — Growing up in Arizona, Haley Lu Richardson never had much interaction with Israel’s Mossad, or infamous Nazis for that matter.

Yet her new — and best — role yet is one she was born to play.

In “Operation Finale,” out Wednesday, Richardson plays Sylvia Hermann, a real life 16-year-old girl who, through her relationship with Klaus Eichmann, the son of Adolf Eichmann, helped Israeli agents capture one of the major organizers of the Holocaust, who was living comfortably in Buenos Aires in 1960.

In 1956, Hermann unknowingly befriended Eichmann’s son Klaus in Buenos Aires, where their family was hidings. With the help of her father, a blind half-Jewish German who had been imprisoned in a concentration camp, she came to realize Adolf’s true identity. Using Sylvia’s physical description of Adolf, her father sent the information to Israeli agents, leading to the war criminal’s prosecution and subsequent death by hanging.

I was super excited to have gotten to be a part of a historically accurate, true story that was so important,” Richardson said. “Since there wasn’t so much about her, I tried to put myself in her shoes,” Richardson, 23, told The Post during a photo shoot at Essex House. “She finds out she’s in love with the son of one of the most evil people in the world who’s doing all these terrible things.

In real life, Sylvia used her closeness to Eichmann family to help the Israelis confirm Eichmann’s identity. “She was so brave,” the actress said. And so was Richardson. At age 16, she packed her bags and moved from Phoenix to Los Angeles — by herself. “I was watching the Disney Channel, watching these kids my age, and I thought, ‘I could do that,’” Richardson said.

Despite only having community theater under her belt, her parents — her mother is a graphic designer; her father, an architect — supported their daughter as she chased her dreams. It paid off. In the film, she stars alongside Hollywood heavyweight Ben Kingsley, who plays Eichmann. “Everything was falling apart in her life and she still had the strength to do something for the greater good,” Richardson added.

Meanwhile, Richardson’s personal life is a bit more stable than the character she plays. In March, she became engaged to actor Brett Dier, who plays Michael on the TV series “Jane the Virgin.” She also came up with her own Hollywood philosophy: “When things aren’t going well, I have to remember the good things that are going well, and I have to remember I worked hard to get there.

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Haley Lu Richardson On Joe Alwyn, Social Media & Surviving This Year’s Darkest Movie

Refinery29.com — Buenos Aires, 1959. A young woman in a movie theater stares rapt at a racially charged scene in the The Imitation of Life. Her attention is interrupted by the playful jostling of a few teenage boys behind her. She and one of the brawny blonde boys lock eyes knowingly. We’ve seen this movie before. We know what comes next.

Except that we don’t. This rom-com set-up at the start of Operation Finale, out August 29, veers into extremely dark territory, extremely quickly. The girl is Sylvia Hermann (Haley Lu Richardson), and the boy is Klaus Eichmann (Joe Alwyn), the son of high-ranking Nazi Adolf Eichmann, who has evaded capture since WWII. After meeting Klaus, Sylvia’s father, a concentration camp survivor, alerts a German prosecutor to Eichmann’s presence, setting forth Israel’s high-stakes capture of Eichmann depicted in Operation Finale. Sylvia becomes instrumental to the Israeli mission in 1960 — she uses her proximity to the Eichmann family to confirm Adolf Eichmann’s identity (in real life, Sylvia had known the Eichmanns since 1956). We spoke to Richardson about her charged role in this compelling historical movie about the very worst of humanity.

The movie’s action begins with a close-up of your face. What was your headspace like in that scene? How’d you get your face right? “That was the first scene I shot on my first day of work – I was nervous. In the script, it’s written that this would be the opening of the movie. I was aware of that, but I tried not to put too much pressure on it, because then I’d be focused on how I look on camera and other things don’t actually matter to the emotional core of the story. Even though the first connection between Sylvia and Klaus is so charming, it’s also so chilling and bizarre because of what they’re watching on screen. It’s an intense, horrific thing they’re watching as part of the movie The Imitation of Life. This sets the tone. They’re cute, but something’s wrong.”

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“Support The Girls” Hollywood Premiere

Back on Wednesday (August 22), Haley Lu attended the “Support The Girls” Premiere at at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. She looked ravishing in Calvin Klein Jeans. Over 100 high-quality images have been added to our gallery.

“Operation Finale” New York Premiere

Last night (August 16), Haley Lu attended the “Operation Finale” New York Premiere with director Chris Weitz, writer Matthew Orton, co-stars Nick Kroll, Oscar Isaac, Sir Ben Kingsley, Lior Raz, Mélanie Laurent, Michael Aronov and more. High-quality images have been added to our gallery. “Operation Finale” is out in American theaters on August 29, 2018.

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