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First look at Haley Lu Richardson in “UNpregnant”

EW – Road-trip comedies are well-traveled territory in Hollywood, and at first glance, UNpregnant may seem as if it’s following a familiar map. Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira star in the upcoming HBO Max film as two Missouri teenagers driving to New Mexico, and as the pair journey together across the Southwest, they pass plenty of the genre’s recognizable mile markers, including unexpected detours, Slurpee-fueled radio singalongs, and chaotic chase scenes.

[…] A teenage abortion road trip movie doesn’t immediately seem like it would be packed with punchlines, but UNpregnant is the rare adolescent comedy that’s both spiky and sweet. Directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg and based on Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan’s YA novel, the film nimbly weaves between heavy drama and manic shenanigans. (It’s certainly the only film this year that includes a candid breakdown of an abortion procedure and a slapstick scene involving a taser.) Before UNpregnant premieres later this fall, EW spoke with Richardson, Ferreira, and Goldenberg about how to make an abortion comedy — and how they hope audiences will both laugh and learn something.

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“Follow” (2015) Screen Captures

I have added close to 500 Blu-Ray Screen Captures of Haley Lu in the 2015 Owen Egerton film “Follow”, which had been missing from our gallery. If horror films are your cup of tea, be sure to check it out on iTunes or Amazon, as Haley Lu’s performance is definitely worth a watch.

Quinn (Noah Segan) and Thana (Olivia Applegate) have a fading romance. Quinn, a frustrated artist, is ready to move on. But Thana has plans of her own. Days before Christmas, Thana seduces Quinn and suggests a deadly bedroom game. In the morning, Quinn wakes up with a gun in his hand, Thana’s corpse on the floor, and no memory of the night before. Terrified and confused, Quinn attempts to dispose of the evidence. But things quickly spiral out of hand when his nosey landlord (Don Most) and naïve friend (Haley Lu Richardson) interfere with his plans. As the body count rises, Quinn begins to unravel the mystery of Thana’s death and spirals down into a storm of paranoia, madness, and murder.

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Masterpost – New Gallery Additions

Hello! I hope you are all safe and well. Considering the lack of updates, I have decided to update our gallery with new pretty pictures that were previously missing from our website. This includes several outtakes from photoshoots & portraits ranging from 2017 to 2019. I have also added several high-quality pictures from events Haley Lu attended in 2019, including the Clairity Ball hosted by Claire’s Place Foundation last June. Stay tuned for another large upload in the days to come! x

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Public Appearances > 2019 > June 29: Clairity Ball, Claire’s Place Foundation [+03]

13th Annual Women In Film Female Oscar Nominees Party

Last night (February 7), Haley Lu attended the 13th Annual Women In Film Female Oscar Nominees Party held at Sunset Room Hollywood in Hollywood. She was photographed alongside Beanie Feldstein. High-quality images have been added to our gallery.